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Devoted to serving faith-based clients since 1963!


Architecture for LEARNING in faith

JNKA serves Educational Clients in the design of facilities for Preschools, Elementary Schools, High Schools, Colleges, and Universities that educate and form people in their faith.

Architecture for LIVING in faith

JNKA serves Senior Housing Providers, Universities, and Religious Communities in the design of residential facilities where the sense of being a faith community is fostered and cherished.

Architecture for GROWING in faith

JNKA serves all faith communities in the design of sacred spaces for Worship, Fellowship, and Hospitality where people can gather, share, and be nourished in their faith.

One of JNKA’s greatest strengths is the Visioning and Master Planning process which we use to guide our clients in defining the needs, wishes, goals, and budgets for their projects, and to create designs that reflect and achieve the defined objectives.

JNKA helps its clients to be good stewards of their physical and financial resources and is committed to the responsible management of the built environment. In addition to developing sustainable designs, JNKA also performs Property Conditions Assessments that help our clients to understand and maintain their buildings more responsibly through evaluations of the exterior grounds, building envelope, interiors, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems of their existing properties, to identify code deficiencies, life safety violations, areas of air and water infiltration, and equipment that needs to be repaired or replaced, with budgetary cost estimates for the recommended or required work.

JNKA does not have a signature design approach or style; rather, each of JNKA’s designs respects the existing site context and reflects the unique identity, vision, and budget of each client we serve. JNKA’s designs range from classical to contemporary and our diverse portfolio reflects the diversity of the clients we serve.

Why Choose Us

  • We are a full-service architecture firm specializing in serving faith-based clients who are committed to helping people to live, learn, and grow in their faith.

  • Our 50 years of experience completing over 500 projects in 6 states, including churches, cathedrals, synagogues, schools, housing facilities, community centers, athletic facilities, and administrative centers.

  • Our wide range of designs for new buildings, additions, renovations, restorations, adaptive re-use, and handicap accessibility projects of all sizes and styles.

  • Our thorough understanding of how different faith communities worship and operate.

  • Our knowledge of the liturgical and technical requirements for churches and the emerging trends in the design of spaces for worship.

  • Our ability to work and communicate with building committees and to build consensus.

  • Our experience providing accurate cost estimates during the design phases with direct contractor input, and successfully completing projects on time and on budget.

  • Our ability to listen and to develop designs that respect and reflect the unique identity, vision, and goals of each client we serve.

  • Our broad network of consulting engineers, specialty consultants, artists, and contractors who share our passion for serving churches and furnishing and installing MEP+A/V systems, theatrical lighting, acoustics, organs, furnishings, stained glass windows & decorative interior finishes.