Project Description

With a history spanning 50 years, Christ Church of Oak Brook has a strong intergenerational congregation and employs both a “classic” and “contemporary” worship service, each meeting in a different space and separated by narrow corridors and staff offices. JNKA’s task was to renovate existing space into a vibrant and welcoming gathering area, providing a place for community and facilitating the convergence of the classic and contemporary attendees. The design employs a ceiling of white curvilinear planes, positioned over a coordinating meandering flooring pattern, to draw the congregants into and through the space; seating areas are interspersed throughout to encourage conversation. Reinforcing the curvilinear theme, a welcome desk located near the main entrance functions as a reception during the weekday; curved display walls welcome guests, display service opportunities and highlight spiritual growth ministries. Salvaged rough-cut stone, a longstanding element of the church’s history, and new undulating wood panels are washed with light to provide additional visual interest.