Project Description

The design and installation of this architectural and liturgical screening element attempts to creatively solve the spatial dilemma of how to best utilize the traditional, pre-Vatican II church apse, when the Sanctuary is expanded and the Altar is pushed forward into the nave. The insertion of the new reredos screen, fabricated inexpensively from structural steel sections, wood panels, and clear, beveled glass, creates a sense of termination for the Sanctuary at an appropriate distance behind the Altar. At the same time, the semi-transparent nature of the design allows for the historic apse to be recognized, but viewed in a new context as a home for a Eucharistic Reservation Chapel. The screen allows for the Tabernacle to be visually present within the church when the white painted apse walls are highlighted by accent lighting. During liturgy, the lights are dimmed and the focus is brought forward via lighting to the Altar, Ambo, and Presider. At non-liturgy times, a side entrance into the apse allows the chapel space to service adoration.