Project Description

Montini Catholic School is a new 600 student Pre-K through 8th grade school meant to server two parishes in the Catholic Community of McHenry. The anchor of the School is a Library/Media Center with media walls that feature projected images of student activities, art and other informational material. Three wings extend from this center hub, each housing different grade levels: 6th through 8th to the north, Pre-k through 2nd to the west and 3rd through 5th grades to the south. Each wing contains its own functional core with toilet facilities, teacher’s conference rooms and workrooms; multi-purpose areas encourage group learning and collaboration between the different classes within each wing. The secure main entrance and staff offices are located to the east, adjacent to the drop-off lane. The Gym and Cafeteria are also design to serve multiple functions; the Gym will double as an Auditorium and the Cafeteria can function after-hours as an art gallery, banquet hall, student project exhibition space or to host community events.